Can we treat type 2 diabetes by losing body weight?

Roy Taylor, Professor of Medicine and Metabolism, has been shown that type 2 diabetes is a reversible condition. After several humans study in which a very low-calorie diet was supplied, he concludes that type 2 diabetes is curable. The “sugar disease” can be treated by the simple fact of losing weight, driving by a reduction in body fat. Now the question is which role does body fat play in glucose homeostasis?

The importance of liver fat content

When we see people, we just see how they look like on the outside, but we cannot imagine how much fat can be around important organs such as liver. There is no doubt that obesity is a risk factor for the developing of type 2 diabetes. People who have been in a positive calorie balance for some years, they have increased liver fat content.

Roy Taylor has shown that the higher the liver fat is, the more Insulin resistant it will become. Another organ that suffers from the increase in body weight is pancreas, increasing the fat content. In general, the excess in fat in both organs, liver and, pancreas, increases plasma blood glucose levels.

But how does our body reacts when it loses weight? As soon as you decrease the calorie intake, the body will use the excess of fat in the liver or in the pancreas. This fact promotes a normal blood glucose level.

What is our take-home message?

A balance body weight and healthy food, rich in vegetables and fruits, could be a promising way of treatment type 2 diabetes. It is on your hand!

Maria Teresa Castaño Martinez

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